Sheet Metal Brakes and How to Make Your Guttering

Attention homeowners!

You probably know all about rain gutters and how important they are to the health of your house. Guttering must be kept clean and intact to be able to drain water away, or severe and structural damage could be the result. Now, guttering can be bought ready to install, but you can also make it yourself – with the right tools and a bit of motivation.

Who should make their guttering?

Well, anyone who wants to! Perhaps you like to things yourself and have the time and the inclination.

Perhaps your home requires a special kind of guttering, challenging to find on the shelves anywhere.

Perhaps you like to fix old houses of your own, or of your friends – maybe even for a living someday?

You will be glad to hear there is not much to it:

The necessary equipment

Guttering is made of sheet metal, so you need a sheet metal working machine.

First of all, you need a sheet metal brake to bend the metal into a gutter-shape.

It would help if you also had metal shears to cut the sheet metal to size- these are sometimes integrated with the sheet metal brake.

To make half-round or quarter-round gutters, you will also need roll-forming equipment, but the sheet metal brake is just fine for making a square- or box-shaped gutters along with V-shaped channels, the like of which you might see where two perpendicular roof-surfaces meet.

Guttering materials – pros and cons

Typical materials for … Read More