Why People Listen to Music?

Why do people listen to music? Music comes in a variety of genres from hard rock to classical yet most people cannot get enough of it. So, what is it about music that drives people’s senses? It does not matter if they are working, studying, or even taking a shower; why do people need to have music playing in the background? What is it about music that turns people on and stirs the soul? Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the fact that it has been around for a very long time. In fact, music has been around for tens of thousands of years. According to an article, some of the reasons people are attracted to music could be: stress relief, good for the heart, sparks the creative juices, help to reduce pain, assists in memory and learning, cheer one up, help premature babies, motivate you, get you friends, and brings people together. Could this explain why people can’t live without it? According to an article, even though music has been around since the creation of time, no one quite knows what its purpose is. Scientist have discovered that inside the brain is a music center that processes the music then sends it across various sections of the brain to be processed and enjoyed. It has been discovered that your brain creates a blood flow that rises and falls in various sections based on what type of music you are listening to. This blood flow is responsible for the emotions and arousals that you get when you listen to music.

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